Game Jam Collaboration 2016

Our contribution to the 2016 Global Game Jam!

Our vision of a ritual game.

Background: At the beginning of game, Peku finds himself falling off of the top of a pyramid. Falling beside him, are pieces of the crystal heart of his girlfriend, Pichu. In order to make it right, Peku must now retrieve the pieces of Pichu's heart scattered all over the pyramid, and return them to the top.


A/D - Move left/right

W/S - Climb (While standing next to a wall and holding the move key in the direction of the wall)

Space - Jump

Our team:

Alex Gtz: Original music and game development

Carmen Vazquez: Game development

Christina Wisneski: Game development and voice work

Eric Schiang: Creative team

Ernest Lipford: Game development

James Morris: Original music and storyline and voice work

Jarrod Phillips: Game development

Javin: Original artwork

John Gale: Game development

John Sensei: Game development

Leif Hetland: Game development

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